Variation #179

Front Cover

This one came in from Keith – I’ll let him take it away:

I wish the image was better, but my scanner isn’t big enough and I’m stuck inside hiding from pandemic armed with only a shitty camera. I hope this site gets an update; projects like this: now more than ever! Yr probably busy podcasting.
Record collection is the only friend for the next month (or two?) , and have been ‘’ my records when I came across FOS, which reminded me of the FOS website, which I hadn’t visited in years. So here we are!

(I may have submitted this before years ago, but can’t recall right now and haven’t flipped through the entire site yet)

ps. Fear of Smell is probably one of my favorite records of all time, so I commend this work my friend(s). It came out when I was 18, had just found MITB, Tit Wrench, NOA and Born Against, and was in love with this whole record and took over the world.

So there we go, “Mystery Dream Date #5 La Sirenista!”

Variation #176

Back Cover

So this is the first post with the new Gutenberg wordpress editor, so we’ll see how it looks when it’s done. Might have to parse through all the older entries to try to get them to match.. anyways. “I’m the King!” (Of swine? Of crosses? Of bacon sandwiches?) Another odd ball one from Ebay which ended with a flurry of bids at the grand sum of $26.00.

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